Workshop: All The Faces of Fluid Dynamics

Sponsored by the DFD Committee on Media and Science Relations

Day/Date/Time: Sunday, 22 November, 12:25 – 13:30
Location: Sheraton Boston – Gardner (3rd Floor)
Contact: David Hu, Georgia Tech (


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Four junior faculty from diverse backgrounds will talk about their personal experiences as scientists in an increasingly diverse community.   Speakers will include MIT mechanical engineer Cullen Buie, Penn mechanical engineer Paulo Arratia, and UC Davis mathematician Becca Thomases.  The event will be emceed by Georgia Tech biomechanic David Hu, a representative from the DFD press relations committee.  We will have 30 minutes of informal talks, 30 minutes of question and answer period, and 30 minutes of mingling.  The audience will learn about how to recognize stereotypes and unconscious bias in their everyday lives, and how to react to them. This workshop will help to give under-represented members of APS, especially students, a safe place where their voice can be heard.   Lunch will be served for the first 50 attendees.